Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
12/18/2015 Action Jackson
12/18/2016 Sexybeast
3/19/2017 Danielle and The General
7/29/2017 Tim Rice and Ellie
7/30/2017 Courtney and Shyloh
12/16/2017 Tony Kelso and Hardy
12/16/2017 Tammy Montgomery and Pretty Penny
3/16/2018 Allison Marsh and Ziggy
6/16/2018 Fiz Xs
7/15/2018 Deanna Jones and Wicked Wylee
8/18/2018 Maxin the Ups
9/9/2018 Alyssa Buller and Skyler
9/9/2018 Chris Collier and Spyder
9/30/2018 I've got Dibs
10/27/2018 Skip’n Pip
11/4/2018 Danielle and Ricky
11/10/2018 The Brew Crew Griffin
11/30/2018 Why is the rum always gone?
2/10/2019 Maya Friedman and Sweep
3/21/2019 Karen Echternacht and Buckeye Elliott
4/26/2019 Lori Siddons and Karma Is a Bitch