Help Me UpDog, You're My Only Hope!

How Do I Contact UpDog?

The best way to contact UpDog is to use the email address. Email sent to this account goes to several UpDog staff members who will reply promptly.


A competitor is a human or canine. It can be any human or dog you would like under your profile. For example. Mary might add herself, her husband and each of their three dogs. Only add dogs or people that you are sure are not already added under someone else's profile.


Teams are very important in UpDog, without a team, you can't even play. A team is a canine competitor and at least one human competitor. Teams consist of competitors either added to your profile or someone elses profile. For Example: Mary could make a team composed of her and her dog Sam. She could also make a team with her friend Linda and her dog Sam. She would just need to search for Linda to add her to the team.

Guest Team vs. Member Team

Teams become Member Teams by purchasing an activation code from the UpDog store and applying it to the Team. The $5 per team per year will go towards mailing UPs quarterly, website enhancements and the World Finals event.

Once teams are activated as a Member Team they have full access to detailed stats, qualifying for UpDog Worlds, and will receive UPs in the mail and be eligible to Level UP.

Guest Team Member Team
Play all UpDog Games Yes Yes
Results tracked per Event Yes Yes
Earn Achievements & UPs No Yes
Level UP No Yes
Receive Physical UPs No Yes
Public Team Page w/Detailed Team Stats No Yes
Eligible to Qualify for Worlds No Yes
Cost Free $5/year

Guest teams are limited to Level One of each game - our leveling system uses Achievements and UPs to determine when you are ready for the next level, and Guest Teams do not earn achievements.

Member Teams get all their results centralized onto their public team page. Guest teams results are still tracked, but as they do not have a Public Team Page, they will need to view each Event separately and tally up their own stats.