Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
3/18/2016 Aztec
3/18/2016 Colleen Hegyi and Ziggy
3/18/2016 Tracey Fajman and Wyatt
5/14/2016 Tomasz and Isia
7/17/2016 The Brew Crew Kangaroo Jack
11/13/2016 Deanna Jones and Rodeo
5/13/2017 Magda Wilczewska and Sajana
7/29/2017 Here Comes Treble!
8/19/2017 Daniel Etzel and Business
10/22/2017 Karen Monahan and AJ
11/5/2017 Alicia Lund and Buck
12/23/2017 Team Zero
3/16/2018 Lori Siddons and Show No Mercy
8/19/2018 Melissa LaMere Dragovich and Max
9/9/2018 This is a Codex Moment to remember
9/23/2018 Karen Monahan and Luna
10/13/2018 Cautiously Optimistic
11/15/2018 Veggie Tail
11/15/2018 Allison Marsh and Trix
2/24/2019 Tyler and Epic
3/21/2019 Karen Echternacht and Sage Elliott
3/22/2019 Karen Echternacht and Buckeye Elliott
3/31/2019 Tyler and Epic
4/4/2019 Dale McElrath and On Target's Land Shark (Finn)
4/26/2019 Lori Siddons and Show No Mercy
4/27/2019 Jordan and Echo
4/27/2019 Tyler and Epic
4/27/2019 Pick Mi(a)
5/17/2019 Running Naked
5/18/2019 Maxin the Ups
5/19/2019 Lori Brooks and Tilly
7/7/2019 Superpoof