Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
5/23/2015 Marni Brown and Rev
12/26/2015 Bryan Batchelder and Torment
5/13/2017 Alicia Lund and Frank
9/3/2017 Skip’n Trebs
9/16/2017 Catch game not a fetch game
5/13/2018 Pick Mi(a)
5/20/2018 Evan Simmons and Loki
11/17/2018 Team Total Mayhem
3/23/2019 Karen Echternacht and Buckeye Elliott
3/23/2019 Maxin the Ups
4/14/2019 The Brew Crew Rusty
5/4/2019 Why is the rum always gone?
5/18/2019 Rockin' Sky High
6/30/2019 Mystical Rainbow Unicorn
9/29/2019 What the Belle!
10/19/2019 Team Space Wolf
11/10/2019 Team Space Wolf
11/23/2019 Val Spytek and Shout