Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
6/27/2015 Totally Jazmin
3/18/2016 Gayle Deshong and Sienna
8/20/2017 Todd Alexander and Cruzer
9/3/2017 > (The team formerly known as Fluffy von Thunderthighs from the harsh winters of the North)
11/11/2017 Team Kiss My Auss (Kevin & Jack)
10/5/2018 Mark Ambuhl and Fly
10/14/2018 James and Rusty
11/18/2018 Team Total Mayhem
3/22/2019 Karen Echternacht and Buckeye Elliott
6/30/2019 FROSTBITE
8/25/2019 Tim Pieplow and Mila
9/7/2019 Destruction & Doom
10/12/2019 Lori Siddons and Cheers
10/26/2019 Seesha on the Podium