Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
6/26/2016 Team Killian
7/3/2016 Jason Rigler and Business
12/18/2016 Abby Cline and Bullet
3/16/2018 Jessica and Indy
3/25/2018 Amanda Mohler and Echo
6/24/2018 Tammy Giroux and Zink
7/29/2018 The Brew Crew Griffin
9/1/2018 Brett Foster and Jasper
9/9/2018 Gayle Deshong and Dyson
10/14/2018 The Brew Crew Rusty
4/4/2019 Towser and Mom
6/1/2019 The Brew Crew Rusty
6/23/2019 The Brew Crew Griffin
7/21/2019 The Brew Crew Rusty
8/25/2019 Supernatural High Flyer