Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
5/23/2015 Voss the Boss
7/29/2017 Beata Rybowicz and Ventyl
8/19/2017 Shaun Johnson and Micco
8/20/2017 B-Aussies that Sham-Rock!
11/18/2017 Crazy Paizley
12/1/2017 Tony Kelso and Hardy
1/20/2018 Call Me The Breeze
4/29/2018 Brandon Buller and Minx
9/9/2018 Concerto for a Rainy Day
9/9/2018 Izzy and Skyler
10/6/2018 Zane and the New Revolution
10/7/2018 Lori Siddons and Karma Is a Bitch
10/14/2018 High on life
3/31/2019 Tyler and Epic
4/4/2019 The Hoopster
4/4/2019 Terrier Terror