Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
7/23/2016 Magdalena Stasiak and Joy
11/27/2016 Autumn Trainor and ZennMaster
12/18/2016 Epically Baussome
7/3/2017 I've got Dibs
7/15/2017 Gary Duke and Phame
9/9/2018 Tracey Fajman and Josie
9/16/2018 > (The team formerly known as Fluffy von Thunderthighs from the harsh winters of the North)
9/30/2018 Team Hankenstein
11/25/2018 Dale McElrath and On Target's Land Shark (Finn)
2/24/2019 Jordan and Breeze
6/13/2019 Browzer
7/13/2019 Bob Hegyi and MacKenzie
8/3/2019 Terrier Terror
9/14/2019 Sal Evans and Freyja
9/27/2019 Concerto for a Rainy Day