Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
8/22/2015 gannon and penny
5/13/2017 Joel Bright and Zoey
7/29/2017 Wendi and Solomon
9/16/2017 Scuderia Freyjari
8/4/2018 gannon and copper
10/7/2018 Gordon Cheung and Karma Is a Bitch
12/31/2018 Marty McSexy
4/4/2019 Team Tuggy Buggy
7/13/2019 Fabio and Friend - Ferris and Gary
7/21/2019 The Brew Crew Rusty
9/8/2019 The Brew Crew Rusty
9/29/2019 The Brew Crew Griffin
10/12/2019 The Brew Crew Rusty