Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
3/18/2016 Gary Duke and Mint
11/27/2016 Autumn Trainor and Tate
11/27/2016 Autumn Trainor and DALLAS
11/27/2016 Autumn Trainor and Twitch
12/17/2016 F**K GRAVITY
12/18/2016 Gary Duke and Moss
9/17/2017 Scuderia Freyjari
12/1/2017 Team Disc Muncher
5/13/2018 I've got Dibs
6/2/2018 > (The team formerly known as Fluffy von Thunderthighs from the harsh winters of the North)
6/23/2018 Gordon Cheung and Karma Is a Bitch
8/19/2018 Goddess of Victory
11/4/2018 Team Monster Nutter Butter
11/30/2018 Lori Siddons and Show No Mercy
2/10/2019 Colleen Hegyi and MacKenzie
2/24/2019 Jordan and Echo
4/26/2019 Crickedy Tickedy Tock
5/5/2019 Leo Sullivan and Pulse
6/13/2019 Browzer
6/13/2019 Salty
10/6/2019 Jordan and Echo
12/8/2019 Jordan and Roary