Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
7/23/2016 Olga Przyjemska and Juri
9/10/2016 Action Jackson
4/7/2017 Gary Duke and Sweep
7/23/2017 Border Colliers (Chris & Demo)
7/29/2017 Wendi Faircloth and Saranac
7/29/2017 Mariusz Kielczyk and Twin
8/19/2017 Robby Sottocorna and Shania
9/17/2017 > (The team formerly known as Fluffy von Thunderthighs from the harsh winters of the North)
5/13/2018 Danielle and Jura Elliott
8/20/2018 Sal Evans and Freyja
9/9/2018 Izzy and Gambit
10/6/2018 I've got Dibs
10/6/2018 Happy Camper
10/14/2018 James and Rusty
4/27/2019 Jordan and Breeze
5/12/2019 Action Jackson