Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
8/13/2016 Jason Rigler and Business
5/13/2017 Joanna Korbal and Lorie
5/13/2017 Ewa Kiryk and Pojke
8/19/2017 Christina Weiss and Big Bang Bubbles BAZINGA
7/7/2018 Goddess of Victory
8/19/2018 Sal Evans and Arrow
8/19/2018 Call Me The Breeze
10/7/2018 Happy Camper
6/29/2019 Super D'Uber
7/7/2019 Psycho whippet
8/3/2019 Jurassic Bark
8/11/2019 Diane and Jewlie
9/14/2019 Concerto for a Rainy Day
10/27/2019 Gayle Deshong and Sienna