Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
7/23/2017 Border Colliers (Chris & Twist)
6/17/2018 Call Me The Breeze
10/14/2018 Risk it for the Biscuit!
3/24/2019 Crickedy Tickedy Tock
4/4/2019 Princess Korn Kob
4/26/2019 Gordon Cheung and Big Thunder Little Rain
4/28/2019 Bertie Turdy
6/30/2019 Brett Foster and Jasper
8/31/2019 Mavis Mayhem!
9/8/2019 Leo Sullivan and Pulse
10/6/2019 Concerto for a Rainy Day
10/27/2019 Crickedy Tickedy Tock