Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
9/3/2017 Moves Like Jagger
11/12/2017 Team Kiss My Auss (Kevin & Quinn)
1/28/2018 Jessica Cegavske and Pixie
5/5/2018 Aimee Cloves and Paris
6/3/2018 Hank Wesdyk and Sydney
6/17/2018 Cinnamonster
6/17/2018 Bre and Finn-Again
8/26/2018 Bre and Finn-Again
11/14/2018 Chocodile Dundee
5/25/2019 Emily Allred and Captain EO
10/13/2019 Alexandra Soltan and Keji
10/26/2019 Debbie Le Blanc and Moose on the Loose