Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
6/27/2015 Crystal Wing and Quinn
11/20/2016 Sheri Kaiser and Vane
6/4/2017 The Golden Girls
7/3/2017 Mark Smith and Lucy
7/29/2017 Moves Like Jagger
9/3/2017 Justine Baker and Chaos Theory
12/29/2017 Billy the Kid & Pat
3/16/2018 Allison Marsh and Ferris
3/25/2018 Tammy Montgomery and Pretty Penny
4/22/2018 Tyler and Epic
5/13/2018 Bob Ryan and Bagel
6/6/2018 Breezing Right Through
6/16/2018 Rich Williams and Ammo
7/28/2018 Mystical Rainbow Unicorn
8/18/2018 Addy Parker and Frank
8/18/2018 Catch game not a fetch game
10/14/2018 The gunslinger and his black dog
10/30/2018 Jessica Rodrigues and Kane
3/23/2019 Borrowed Border Bird Dog
4/14/2019 The BC Express-NELL
4/28/2019 Alicia Lund and Dalton
5/12/2019 The Dreamers
5/18/2019 Kris Iverson and Ruby
5/19/2019 Beth Baumann and Skye
6/2/2019 Hank Wesdyk and Ace