Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
5/23/2015 Kathy Colligan and Zoey
12/18/2016 Chris Sells and On Target's Warning: Contents are Hot! aka "Vapor"
4/7/2017 DiscMonster Keegan
7/29/2017 Marlena Sieron and Bolle
9/17/2017 Scratch and Sniff
12/23/2017 Yellow Brick Road-Colleen & Ozzy
6/17/2018 Team Poker Face-Colleen & Maverick
6/24/2018 Dreamcatchers Bold and Beautiful Byndee
10/14/2018 Watch Me Soar
11/18/2018 Emily Allred and Captain EO
4/4/2019 Rockin' Sky High
5/8/2019 Alexa White and Arya
6/2/2019 Elsie Wesdyk and Rhino
6/30/2019 Debbie Le Blanc and Stella Bella