Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
4/7/2017 Kara Bellingham and Hyper Piper
5/14/2017 Robin and Skeeter
6/17/2017 The Brew Crew Charlotte
7/3/2017 Tony Kelso and Hardy
7/15/2017 Chris Sells and OffOn Whisper in the Wind aka "Whisper"
9/3/2017 Courtney and Shyloh
9/24/2017 Brittany James and Roscoe
11/18/2017 Dreamcatchers Bold and Beautiful Byndee
11/18/2017 Dreamcatchers Bold and Beautiful Byndee
7/14/2018 Ridin’ the Storm Out
7/29/2018 FitzGility
8/19/2018 Reuben Travis and Puddin Pop
11/17/2018 Emily Allred and Captain EO
11/18/2018 Team Battle Dog
12/22/2018 Melissa Tiedemann and Savvy
6/15/2019 21 Forever
7/13/2019 Super Duper Flying Poopers
7/14/2019 Teri Brown and Jackson
8/9/2019 Sandie Nagel and Wigglebutt Makin" My Day
10/12/2019 Dale Christianson and Pyro
10/27/2019 Jessica edgerly and Ranger