Far Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
6/26/2016 Adrian Custer and Courage
7/23/2016 Krzysztof Retlaf and Oszi
11/12/2016 Moves Like Jagger
6/17/2017 The Brew Crew Griffin
7/1/2017 Deneane & Big Ape Apex - Top of the Curve
9/3/2017 MalinAussie
9/24/2017 Skylight's Legendary Story "Epic"
10/1/2017 Yellow Brick Road-Colleen & Ozzy
11/12/2017 Yellow Brick Road-Colleen & Ozzy
6/17/2018 Lori Brooks and Tilly
6/24/2018 Keelyns Shenani-Gals
9/9/2018 Lazer Focus
9/15/2018 Debbie Le Blanc and Roxy
10/19/2018 Battle Colt
10/28/2018 Veggie Tail
11/3/2018 Seesha on the Podium
11/25/2018 Adriana Nottestad and Gambit
12/29/2018 Tiffany Long and Morgan and The Longest Team Name on Teams dot UpdogChallenge dot Com Because I Have Two Hundred and Fifty Six Characters to Play With And Just Needed to Come Up With Stuff To Fill It Up But Even That Wasn't Enough So Just Gonna Keep Typing
12/31/2018 Allison Marsh and Trix
2/24/2019 Megan and Bash
2/24/2019 Jordan VandeVenter and Breeze
4/4/2019 Gary Duke and Xandar
6/11/2019 Lori Brooks and Tilly
8/10/2019 Sabrina Oppermann and Jody
8/11/2019 Sharon Burke and Epic
9/1/2019 Ruger
9/13/2019 Can't Control Her Liquor
9/14/2019 S and S
9/14/2019 Hank Wesdyk and Diesel
9/15/2019 Margaret and Storm
9/27/2019 Outbreak from the Outback
10/26/2019 Running Naked