Freestyle Level One

Earned On Team Name
6/13/2015 Mary Jo and Candy
8/14/2016 Adrian Custer and Super Hornet
9/4/2016 Michał Płókarz and NUTELLA
10/2/2016 Deneane & Baby Girl Dakota
10/2/2016 Kate and Colt
10/2/2016 Lynzie Bacchus and Heather
11/6/2016 The Golden Girls
12/10/2016 Jerry Robin and Loeki
4/22/2017 Anita Tate and Bogart
8/12/2017 Ellie Stivers and Presto Change-o
4/29/2018 The Bow-Wow-Zer
5/12/2018 Megan Bilderback and Sunny
10/6/2018 Sto 'n Go