Freestyle Level One

Earned On Team Name
8/19/2017 Big Red
10/7/2017 Tempest in a Teacup
10/7/2017 Beth Watercutter and Rane
10/8/2017 Bob Ryan and Bagel
10/8/2017 Bryan A Smith and Eevie
5/12/2018 Beth Watercutter and Rane
5/12/2018 Sidney Ryan and Rock N Roll Paisley
5/19/2018 Bear-ly getting by
9/2/2018 Shawn MacTavish and Chili
9/2/2018 Shawn MacTavish and Revel
10/7/2018 Karolyn Jackson and Jasper
2/17/2019 Never Underestimate the Dork
8/24/2019 Bob Ryan and Bagel
8/24/2019 To The Moon And Back