Freestyle Level One

Earned On Team Name
9/19/2015 Deneane & Big Ape Apex - Top of the Curve
5/21/2016 Catch Me If You Can
7/17/2016 Josée Roussy and Kazz
7/17/2016 Don't Blink
4/29/2017 For fun Bebelle
6/17/2017 Marie Earle and RENCEE ~ F3
7/8/2017 Mark Brisse and Mira
7/22/2017 Don't Blink
7/22/2017 For fun Bebelle
10/7/2017 Sidney Ryan and Rock N Roll Paisley
12/3/2017 Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous
5/12/2018 Bob Ryan and Bagel
7/14/2018 Danielle LaBreche and Switch
7/15/2018 MeiB Better Than U