Freestyle Level Two

Earned On Team Name
8/6/2016 Heidi Pitts and Graehm
8/6/2016 Heidi Pitts and Latt
9/3/2016 > (The team formerly known as Fluffy von Thunderthighs from the harsh winters of the North)
1/1/2017 ZigSTAR - Kat and Ziggy
5/14/2017 Fast & Furious - Frank & Jagger
6/4/2017 Tim Rice and Ellie
7/29/2017 Justine Baker and Chaos Theory
9/14/2017 Alyssa Buller and Skyler
9/24/2017 Kim Murrie and Quest
12/2/2017 Can't Stop Won't Stop
12/31/2017 Sir Nottingham of Notti Pants
2/11/2018 Darren Page and Rip
2/11/2018 Sheilagh Sargent and Cindy Lou Who
3/15/2018 Leap'n Legacy
3/9/2019 Tracy Love and Rhythm
6/29/2019 Skip’n Tric
6/30/2019 Maggie Elliott and Pumpkin McNab
7/13/2019 Dana and Parks
10/12/2019 Sheilagh Sargent and Cindy Lou Who