Freestyle Level Two

Earned On Team Name
11/6/2016 Megan Bilderback and Bella
8/6/2017 Troy McConaughey and Ally
9/6/2017 Bazinga!
9/6/2017 Ellie and Hocus Pocus
9/14/2017 Melissa LaMere Dragovich and Zinc
9/15/2017 God of Thunder
10/7/2017 Lori Siddons and Show No Mercy
11/12/2017 Julie Jenkins and Hashtag
11/19/2017 Troy McConaughey and Wally
2/11/2018 Gordon Cheung and Poetic Justice
6/16/2018 Nickel City FrizBeasts
6/23/2018 Gordon Cheung and Karma Is a Bitch
6/24/2018 Lori Siddons and Show No Mercy
6/24/2018 Naomi Scapinello and Verve
6/24/2018 Gordon Cheung and Poetic Justice
10/28/2018 I Am Electric
5/18/2019 Danielle LaBreche and Switch
6/30/2019 Polkanadic Activity
6/30/2019 Here Comes Treble!
6/30/2019 Superpoof
11/10/2019 Chip Baker and Talon
3/7/2020 Apryl Lea and Lana'i McNab
4/12/2020 Full Steam Ahead (Carol and BERKshire 2-8-4)