Freestyle Level Two

Earned On Team Name
9/15/2017 Don't Blink
9/15/2017 Robin and Nano
10/7/2017 Gordon Cheung and Karma Is a Bitch
11/5/2017 Heidi Pitts and Graehm
2/11/2018 Jenelle Miller with a Swing and a Catch
5/5/2018 Don Blewett and Fen
6/16/2018 Jenelle Miller and Bongo's Flying Crazy
6/24/2018 Don Blewett and Fen
3/2/2019 Jack Fahle and Ziggy
3/31/2019 Fire THORPEDO 1 (Carol Lawrence and Thorpe)
5/4/2019 Bob Hegyi and Diggory