Freestyle Level Two

Earned On Team Name
3/18/2016 Bazinga!
1/28/2017 Epically Baussome
5/14/2017 Dr Brick House Will See You Now
12/31/2017 Jack Fahle and Ferris
5/12/2018 Sorcerer's Apprentice
6/23/2018 Jenelle Miller and Ketchum Karu
3/2/2019 Jack Fahle and Spice
6/22/2019 Karen Monahan and Luna
6/30/2019 Here Comes Treble!
7/13/2019 Full Steam Ahead (Carol and BERKshire 2-8-4)
7/21/2019 Jessica Champagne and Oakley
9/21/2019 Aubrey and Jo