Frizgility Level One

Earned On Team Name
4/10/2016 Julie Jenkins and Badabing
7/23/2016 Louise Prefontaine and Leif
8/21/2016 Jim Metallo and Sydney
9/17/2016 Fuel The Addiction
5/13/2017 Marta Rhode and Cash
6/3/2017 Val Spytek and Bandit
10/9/2017 Darren Page and Rip
9/15/2018 Adriana Nottestad and Finnick
9/30/2018 Hells on Fire
10/13/2018 Sandra Papciak and Zyn
10/21/2018 Melanie Kernor and Allura
12/1/2018 Hannah teegardin and Star
12/1/2018 Sto 'n Go
12/1/2018 Anna Fowler and Kaiser X
12/1/2018 Happy Hour’s Midnight Moonshine
10/5/2019 Amy Fulton and Yankee
11/16/2019 Start A Riot
6/27/2020 Carly and Jonah