Frizgility Level One

Earned On Team Name
9/19/2015 Buffy!!
10/4/2015 Abby Klingberg and Leap
3/19/2016 Allison Marsh and Rowdi
5/14/2016 MARIA SZYMAƃSKA and CODA
5/29/2016 Arrington Leitch and Ginger
7/23/2016 Carolyn Kutchyera and Leko
8/27/2017 France Sincennes and Chance
10/9/2017 Full Steam Ahead (Carol and BERKshire 2-8-4)
7/22/2018 Jenelle Miller and Bongo's Flying Crazy
10/21/2018 The Squeaky Bark Team
10/21/2018 The Squeaky Bark Team
2/17/2019 Sabrina Opperman and Jody
4/27/2019 Kirra the Koolie
4/27/2019 Erika Castoras and Luna