Frizgility Level One

Earned On Team Name
6/14/2015 Gary Boggs and Molly B
5/28/2016 Emilia Chmielowiec and TRISS
3/11/2017 Beth Watercutter and Rane
3/11/2017 Bob Ryan and Bella
4/22/2017 Trippin' You UpDog
5/27/2017 Trippin' You UpDog
7/29/2017 PAULA GUMIƃSKA and Nai
8/12/2017 Val Spytek and SAGE
9/30/2018 Nan Chernik and Ricochet
11/25/2018 Val Spytek and SAGE
12/15/2018 Levi and Shiver
12/15/2018 Jordan and Jamaica
12/31/2018 Julie Oakes and GO Wicket
1/26/2019 Tyler and Shiver
2/9/2019 Kerry Stevens and Keavy
6/23/2019 Kirra the Koolie
6/30/2019 Nathalie and Owen Labrecque