Frizgility Level One

Earned On Team Name
6/15/2014 Beth Crawford and Kemo
12/7/2014 Sam King and Jax
1/25/2015 Team Twister (Chris and Rumble)
8/23/2015 Barb Black and Whit
10/4/2015 What the Belle!
11/24/2015 Chris Sells and Golden Oaks Iceman
5/1/2016 Rachel Dyal and Echo
5/7/2016 Shelby Briggs and Doakes
5/21/2016 Team NickBee's
6/25/2016 Cherry Bomb
8/27/2016 The Rockstars
8/27/2016 Rachael Mohr and Charli
10/1/2016 Tara Osuba and Kilo
3/26/2017 Christopher Brownlee and The CAKE
4/15/2017 Renea Robison and Dash
4/29/2017 Stephanie millar and Malcolm Reynolds
5/14/2017 Elsie Wesdyk and Sydney
7/29/2017 Donna Rada and Jake
8/26/2017 Mindy and Suzie
9/16/2017 Sarah Gerspacher and Jessie
9/30/2017 Line and Jack Ice
12/3/2017 Beast From the Middle East
4/27/2018 Lori Brooks and Tilly
4/28/2018 Ben Ames and Duke
4/29/2018 Kythe Pahnke and AmaZing
6/2/2018 Amber Aquart and Oakley
6/23/2018 Wind Advisory
6/24/2018 Kim Lepoidevin and Hawkeye
9/7/2018 Laurie Tully and Seal
9/8/2018 MELINDA LEE and Moya
9/8/2018 Deneane & Baby Girl Dakota
9/8/2018 Sean Silvernail and Maverick Team Top Gun
11/10/2018 Sandra Demore and Zip
12/22/2018 Bobbie Kurivial and Squall
12/30/2018 Vikki and Shelby
3/9/2019 Tom Nardi and Fury
4/26/2019 Tyler and Epic
6/23/2019 Julie Blankenmyer and Oliver
6/30/2019 Lauren Knight and Ditto
7/7/2019 Tracking Happiness
7/26/2019 Gordon Board Jr and Secret
7/26/2019 Gordon Board Jr and Jake (buddy)
1/17/2020 Go Notto!
5/31/2020 Olivia and Romeo
6/11/2020 Sabrina Sweet and Tessa
7/3/2020 Brown Dog is Going to Brown Dog