Frizgility Level One

Earned On Team Name
12/19/2015 Lane Kemmerick and Quiz
9/24/2016 Pick Mi(a)
9/24/2016 Neil Cohen and Pepper
4/21/2018 Sto 'n Go
4/22/2018 Rosie Milton and MIKKI
4/28/2018 Brianne Farr and Lyric
4/28/2018 Travisty
8/19/2018 Val Spytek and Bandit
10/20/2018 Elsie Wesdyk and Twister
5/17/2019 Princess Pia Pants
6/30/2019 Maggie Elliott and Maui McNab
8/3/2019 Life Turns Corners
11/10/2019 Mary Jo and Gemma