Frizgility Level One

Earned On Team Name
6/14/2014 Cheryl Walters and Cool
5/16/2015 Jessica edgerly and diesel
8/16/2015 Kara Bellingham and Hyper Piper
9/20/2015 Kara Bellingham and Hyper Piper
3/19/2016 Dale Avick and Dazzle
7/3/2016 Alyssa and Meeka Rylee
8/12/2016 Nancy Schmidt and Bluegrass Lil Bit O Love
8/20/2016 Brenda Vogel and Spring
9/17/2016 Robyn Morris and Loki
1/21/2017 Sandra Papciak and Zyn
4/15/2017 Team Terrific Trio
4/22/2017 Angela  Scudder and Paikea von der King
4/22/2017 Freak Storm
4/23/2017 Hanna Bryzek and Pele
10/22/2017 Travisty
1/27/2018 Nicky Monson and jack
6/2/2018 Kristin Elmquist and Sriracha
7/8/2018 Londizzle Shizzle
12/15/2018 Kiera and Shiver
12/31/2018 Kathy Petroni and Knight
2/17/2019 Sabrina Opperman and Jake
2/23/2019 Tyler and Strider
3/16/2019 Disc Killer
3/30/2019 Rose Lynch and Fiesta
3/30/2019 Tyler and Magic
3/30/2019 Levi and Shiver
4/26/2019 Tyler and Magic
5/4/2019 Old Woman and her Dog
5/18/2019 Sto 'n Go