FunKey Level One

Earned On Team Name
7/19/2014 Colleen Hegyi and Haze
8/31/2014 Kris Niwa and Robbie
10/5/2014 Kim Young and Skeet
1/25/2015 Scott Davis and Wyatt
3/15/2015 Sam King and Jax
7/26/2015 Samantha King and Jax
9/26/2015 Jessica Buckley and Finley
11/7/2015 Gracie Hanna and Jazzy
12/19/2015 I Can't Hear You
3/19/2016 Sandy Hovey and Jade
4/30/2016 Kayla and Flynn
6/19/2016 Kassidy Lemmen and Mo
6/26/2016 Get Em High
7/16/2016 Chris Sells and Golden Oaks Blizzard
7/30/2016 BOB and PATCH
8/21/2016 Beast From the Middle East
9/9/2016 The Bearded Ladies
10/23/2016 Brenda Black and Bingley
4/23/2017 Hope Cameron and Dash Citizen
7/29/2017 Gordon Board Jr and Jake (buddy)
5/27/2018 Willy Demis and High Jinks
8/11/2018 Paul Stanford and Annie Oakley
11/3/2018 Lacy Roberts and Lad
2/1/2019 The Happy Wanderer
4/26/2019 Maya the monster
6/2/2019 Iceman and Slider
6/8/2019 Thunderstruck
6/29/2019 BAubé
6/30/2019 Lauren Knight and Ditto
10/27/2019 Linda Macke and Sonic