Seven Up Level One

Earned On Team Name
10/29/2016 Brenna Fender and Chase
5/14/2017 Sassy Pants
7/3/2017 Sweetness
7/3/2017 Aili Shaughnessy and Poe
9/16/2017 Elsie Wesdyk and Sydney
11/12/2017 The BC Express-NELL
12/1/2017 Call Me The Breeze
12/29/2017 Call Me The Breeze
5/13/2018 Eric Piper and Flyte
6/7/2018 Giddy Up Yada Yada
9/8/2018 Lori Robertson and Envy
10/27/2018 Tonka Truck and his chauffeur
2/15/2019 Vikki Ellison and Shelby
3/16/2019 Shannalee Pauli and Toad
4/7/2019 Dreamcatchers Rock Nobster Navee
5/18/2019 Team Echo Bear
6/1/2019 Daryl Byington and Bizi
7/7/2019 Megan Nelson and Earl