Spaced Out Level One

Earned On Team Name
6/20/2015 Outrun's Flying Dill Pickle!
9/3/2016 Bark n Leap
9/30/2017 Lightswitch Labs
6/7/2018 Seesha You Later
6/7/2018 Riley's Rebels
6/7/2018 Team Island Dogz
9/8/2018 Rachael Roper and MAVERIC
11/15/2018 Riley's Rebels
3/23/2019 Hell hath no Fury
4/7/2019 For fun Bebelle
6/2/2019 Bre and Finn-Again
6/2/2019 Cathy Whitney and Ziggy Whitney
6/30/2019 Lindsey Hamilton-Donnelly and Traveler
7/6/2019 Harry Potter and The Order of The