Amy MacRae and Captain

UTN: T10613199

Total Points - 38.00

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Competitor Name Competitor Type UpDog Competitor Number
Amy MacRae Human C11228194
Captain Canine C11234191

Team Achievements


Seven Up Level One

Cumulative Points: 18.00
Last Played On: 6/30/2019
Rank: 1151 out of 1441
No Achievements Earned Yet

Spaced Out Level One

Cumulative Points: 20.00
Last Played On: 6/30/2019
Rank: 1755 out of 2842
No Achievements Earned Yet


Event Name Date Total Points Percentile Rank
Great Village, NS, CA 6/30/2019 38.00
   Seven Up Level One - Round 1 18.00
   Spaced Out Level One - Round 1 20.00