Naomi Scapinello and Ramona Verve

UTN: T12135197

Total Points - 172.50

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Competitor Name Competitor Type UpDog Competitor Number
Naomi Scapinello Human C12899192
Ramona Verve Canine C12901191

Team Achievements



Four Way Play

Four Way Play Level One

Cumulative Points: 17.00
Last Played On: 10/13/2019
Rank: 3569 out of 6201
Single Quad x 1

Spaced Out



Time Warp

Throw N Go

Throw N Go Level Two

Cumulative Points: 25.00
Last Played On: 10/13/2019
Rank: 720 out of 1153
No Achievements Earned Yet

Seven Up


Far Out

Far Out Level One

Cumulative Points: 130.50
Last Played On: 10/13/2019
Rank: 1102 out of 2661
Centurion x 1


Event Name Date Total Points Percentile Rank
Cookstown, ON, CA 10/13/2019 172.50
   Far Out Level One - Round 1 130.50 87.40%
   Four Way Play Level One - Round 1 17.00 58.30%
   Throw N Go Level Two - Round 1 25.00