Jenelle Miller and Sprocket

UTN: T21702222

Total Points - 40.00

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Competitor Name Competitor Type UpDog Competitor Number
Jenelle Miller Human C7636185
Sprocket Canine C21430226

Team Achievements

Bite Club 2022 Participant
Bite Club 2022 Spring Participant



Pairs Throw N Go

Four Way Play

Four Way Play Level One

Cumulative Points: 15.00
Last Played On: 5/23/2022
Rank: 6599 out of 10154
Personal Best: 15.00
Single Quad x 1

Pairs Four Way Play

Spaced Out



Time Warp

Throw N Go

Throw N Go Level One

Cumulative Points: 25.00
Last Played On: 5/28/2022
Rank: 7371 out of 12279
Personal Best: 15.00
No Achievements Earned Yet

Seven Up


Far Out

Far Out Level One

Cumulative Points: 0.00
Last Played On: 5/28/2022
Rank: 3937 out of 4256
Personal Best: 0.00
No Achievements Earned Yet



Event Name Date Total Points Percentile Rank
Windsor, NS, CA 5/28/2022 10.00
   Far Out Level One - Round 1 0.00
   Throw N Go Level One - Round 1 10.00
Bonshaw, PEI, CA - Bite Club - Isle Fly 5/23/2022 30.00
   Four Way Play Level One - Round 1 15.00
   Throw N Go Level One - Round 1 15.00