Deb Mardin, Sarah Stewart and Wiz

UTN: XT16732219

This team is a Guest Team, but for the month of January we are displaying all teams as if they were fully activated Member Teams.

Total Points - 77.00

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Competitor Name Competitor Type UpDog Competitor Number
Deb Mardin Human C589158
Sarah Stewart Human C1471150
Wiz Canine XC6648173

Team Achievements



Pairs Throw N Go

Pairs Throw N Go Level One

Cumulative Points: 10.00
Last Played On: 4/18/2021
Rank: 561 out of 655
Personal Best: 10.00
No Achievements Earned Yet

Four Way Play

Pairs Four Way Play

Spaced Out



Time Warp

Time Warp Level One

Cumulative Points: 67.00
Last Played On: 4/18/2021
Rank: 2368 out of 6076
Personal Best: 67.00
McFly x 1

Throw N Go

Seven Up


Far Out


Event Name Date Total Points Percentile Rank
Brooklyn, CT, US 4/18/2021 77.00
   Pairs Throw N Go Level One - Round 1 10.00
   Time Warp Level One - Round 1 67.00 90.30%